Practicing patience usually leads you to learn a lot more about yourself than you may think

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“I like to think of myself as patient”, says every deeply impatient person. The struggle for patience, especially during these unprecedented times, is real. A side effect of my impatience results in my inner gremlin coming out. I try to soothe him with positive thoughts and pranayama before he unleashes his fury. His name is Maurice. You’ll meet Maurice soon. My latest encounter with a McDonald’s employee that I thought wanted some smoke proved that where there’s smoke there’s fire OR perhaps there’s me looking pretty dumb. I’ll let you be the judge.

My Saturday morning ritual is sacred. It…

Five years of abstaining might not have been perfect, but it built an unshakeable foundation

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Eight years ago, the term “celibacy” wielded the same discomfort and embarrassment as an STD. However, when I moved from NY to L.A. in the summer of 2012, that sexless “disorder” crept its way into my life, nestling in boldly yet unnoticed like the fly on Mike Pence’s head at the VP debate.

At that point, nothing about my lifestyle reflected monogamy, let alone abstinence. As a young, single brother with a real job in L.A., the allure of Hollywood’s party scene had me out in these streets being a ho. …

Don’t believe the hype that ignoring your mental health and keeping your problems inside is manly

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The year 2020, in many ways, feels like Tetris on repeat. I’ve attempted to masterfully maneuver the blocks of my mental health, faith, job performance, and physical safety into alignment. Even when I lack the insight to do so alone, the blocks continue to collide, and the “Game Over” jingle continues to play as this year throws more obstacles at me than I could ever attempt to manage.

When I run through the list of tragedies — losing Kobe and Gianna Bryant along with seven others on that overcast January morning, the Covid-19 pandemic, the altercation in Kenosha, Wisconsin that…

If we ever had a chance to rap, I think our conversation would go something like this

Robert Peoples, my great-grandfather, photo circa 1900

When things are truly beyond my control, I pray.

In these impossible times, I pray for wisdom, reconciliation, and solution. During my quiet time a week ago, my great-grandfather came to mind. Robert Peoples was born in North Carolina on June 10, 1848. He was 17 years old when slavery was abolished and was a Civil War veteran. (Yes, those two things are consistent.) Robert was a father to 23 children. Despite having been born into slavery, he acquired a 160-acre farm through his own enterprising. …

I’m strong enough to say that my wife protects me from all enemies, foreign and domestic — and those with more than four legs

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Let’s start with the (flattering) facts. I am just over six feet tall, I can sprint a mile in under six minutes, and I can bench 225 pounds for six reps before an ambulance needs to be present. I cook, and I cook damn well. I make my wife laugh — real laughter, not humoring-me laughter. I cry during Pixar films. I possess just the right amount of masculine aloofness that makes my wife wonder if I’m getting dumber or if I just pretended to be smart while we were dating.

But when I see a bug? It all disappears…

More compassion and less cynicism is required of all of us right now

I sit here at my makeshift “Rona Rig” workstation nestled not so neatly on my kitchen counter while my wife takes a conference call at our actual workstation (welcome to marriage) 15 feet behind me, I realize something deeply precious about this moment. The experience of being in a place that is familiar, yet outside my comfort zone, compelled me to pen an open letter to every person who has the extreme fortune of a job that allows them to work remotely. It is my hope that after reading this letter compassion becomes your weapon of choice for any mishaps…

Chad J. Thomas

Chad is a sales executive, author and speaker. He writes humorous stories that come from the heart and inspire hope.

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